Monday, November 22, 2010

My beautiful College... Sweet memories

Few minutes back i had seen photos of my college (B.Tech) on  Facebook. It looked so lovely... and took me into memories...

I did my B.Tech at MGIT. As i studied i had no special feeling ... i used to feel it like another 10th class... The same point -The concepts are with the author of the books and int he brains of the inventors.. last minutes studies and cooking up in the exams/ practicals and finally passing out the semester. Added ragging... teasing.. bla bla bla.. etc... Things were smooth and i had never felt my college special.

I had done M.Tech at HCU -Hyderabad central university. When i understood that i am through the screening tests.. i was exited, on the top of the Earth. This is a beautiful one.. vast campus.. in fact i had seen many peacocks, cranes (bird), wild pigs ... nursery, social forestry, rocks peacock lake... it felt it like the paradise on Earth. After our Computer networks class at abt 6:30 in the evenings, i can still feel, the cool breeze that filled us... the sounds of the leaves... the twilight... it was so scenic. These days i take every opportunity to  visit the campus and walk all around (abt 6KM or so); (btw i love walking)

let me come to the point... @ M.Tech. It was a difficult time... at evenings we used to go for walk and the mirchi bujji was luring.. however i had to be tight lipped most of the time for no money. I couldn't afford for hostel (700 rs per year; 700 Rs per month for mess) Slowly as things were closing and it was the time for campus interviews and each of us had to pay 2K to attend them... I understood how difficult it was at home and said 'i cannot' pay the amount... people didnt speak a word then but finally didnt allow me either to attend the interviews either and my Btech memories striked me...

@Btech each of us paid abt 1000 Rs for freshers party and abt 1.2K for farewell. No body insisted us to pay it in full. I still remember when some of my friends said they will not attend as they cannot pay.. yet people (Balakoteshwar rao, Rinesh etc..)  insisted them to come.. and not to worry about the money. Infact i know some guys paying 4K and 5K. I felt so warm.. moving and blissful.. I missed them.

Now as software engineer i feel Mtech  beautiful.... and Btech lovely/ fentastic.

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