Sunday, November 28, 2010

People are getting more Object oriented

Recently i had to attend a workshop. Initially it was planned at 4:00 but at about 3:55 or so we were informed to the emergency number that it will be at 5:30; and few minutes later the i got another call telling the location is shifted to else where. I was angry as by 3:55 i was already at the previously planned location and was very angry  at the management. Infact i knew one person who had to travel 15 km over bus and when informed (at 3:55) she was already through. I wanted to know how they would react to the situation.

At 5:30 when we all assembled it seemed as if nobody was interested in taking the point up and making them aware of the pain they went through. I felt like people are getting more object oriented and are interested only in the end product irrespective of the pains they take during this. I couldnt digest this at first... but later felt.. may b i need some attitude shift. Its so easy to let go such things and not fight which would otherwise cost ur piece of mind.

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