Sunday, March 6, 2011

The art of celebration

I have just come form a party: one of my old colleagues has his little kid turn 1 year old today and hence the occasion.

Atfirst, before starting off from home, i thought it would be more like a get together at his home and we exchange few words/ comments followed by dinner; but to my astonishment it turned out to be something else: they had this party in the communities auditorium hall, had abt 150 guests invited and it went on a grand scale; I was impressed by the amount of thought that went into it and its meticulous implementation. If  i were him, it wouldnt have been this impressive/ absorbing/ captivating/ enthusiastic.

Having said it its worth speaking a few words abt this guy: he went through a serious financial crunch an year back... though quite stable now... if i were him then i wouldnt even have dared to think of party.. forget organizing and enjoying it...

Most of the times we (to be more accurate I) are of the type... "if at all only i get that then i will be happy; if only i am able to achieve it i will celebrate/ be happy..." but here is the guy who is celebrating with what ever little he has... as some one said "The happiest people donot get the best things,  they just make best of every thing that comes their way" 

This was quite a learning to me today, I was quite impressed.

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