Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis pain

One of my close relatives has Rheumathoid Arthritis and recently she developed severe pain in ankle. Its so intense that she takes abt 15 sec to take a step; its a severe muscle pain.
On Zee telugu, we happend to see the below medicine which gave her a gud relief (with in 15 min of its use). Its all natural, and so i guess there is are no sideaffects to it. So here it goes
  • Take aavalu(musturd seeds) and powder them
  • mix a small quantity of veniger till its a dry paste.
  • Apply this to the swollen/ pain areas; cover it with a thin cotton cloth.

The above results in severe burning sensation and generally she is able to keep it for not more than 1/2 hr and then cleans it off. We observed this give her good releaf. She says " i feel my foot much lighter; i am not able to run, but am atleast able to walk freely". Wow! that was a great relief to us. Let me know if u tried it and helped u.

Today (3rd day of the treatment,) she is soooo happy, says she feels quite normal (90% relief from the pain you can say). She had been trying various things since last 10 years and suddenly we see something working.. we are so happy... wanted to share the same.. may be somebody suffering may get the help. The previous treatment gave little relief (50% drop in the pain, say)

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