Monday, March 7, 2011

Tolliwood hero..

The other day a tollywood hero was on news and a channel was telling abt a site where the site owner created some spoof images of this hero and his immediate friends. In fact the channel showed some of the images as well.. they were sooo funny...  i burst out in laughter.. It sems the hero reported and the site is closed.. 

I see somuch of hatered among people on this guy, his movies.. the kind of stupid/ foolish/ serious/ silly/ things he does which leaves the audiance in shock unable to digest them.. eg: praying the god and reversing a moving train using his meditation powers.... crawling a mountain in few minutes  to save a rabbit from an eagle... jumping from 15th floor with out paracutes landing on pillows.. etc etc...

Every time i open the net, i first search for such stuff to figure out what other pple think abt the heros.. their coments on them etc... but why? just like that! 

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