Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mahaa Siva Rathri :: better give holiday!

Yesterday was Mahasivaratri. I surveyed and found only one person (out of 8) is fasting and keeping awake all the night. Today i see the cubilles empty :D and i am the first guy to be here.

Today morning i thought of coming very late under the pritixt that even i was awake; moreover i guess pple will not expect us to be here on time as well. However I was ready, as anyother day, and didnt want to stay home just to be late. Even though its the working day i think people will be only 50% productive today; then why not the company declares today a holiday? worried of the work? when things are pressing we anyhow stay late nights/ work on the weekends (so the work wouldnt really suffer)

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