Friday, March 25, 2011

pity firefox

Firefox was/ is my fav browser. I was using it extensively 2 years after google chrome was introduced and wanted to stick to it. I love the addons -delicious/ diigo. However when my company changed something on proxy i was smoked out of firefox due to its weird certificate issue. Every time it asks u and how manyever times u permanantly add the cert it only adds it temporarily. HUH! every day morning i used to manually permanantly add them and after 6 months of this mundane rediculous exercise i moved out to google chrome. 

I keep track of new releases in FF; and keep checking if the above issue was fixed. Today i got the latest one 4.0 (not beta version); now delicious doesnt work; googled and googled and then got it working in compatibility mode; now i dont see book marks; 15 min of browsing and i see some weird issues with webpages; certificate issue is, however, still there ( i dont know who the idiot had coded to make the permanatly add cert as temporary and how firefox still keeps the bug unfixed)

I think Firefox is heading towards death. Heard that google pulled off from funding it. What ever be it.. i am deeply sorry for whats happening to it.

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