Sunday, March 13, 2011

huh! one more.....

in context of my prev post; heres what went in Assembly (legislative assembly). The guy standing up and speaking is JP who (my fav leader as well) is impeccable for his character/ attitude; he resigned his IAS post disgusted with the corrupt politics of the state. So here he goes... telugu one though.

poor guys (like me) who have a bad internet connection / very less time... concisely his points are as follows

  1. In history combodia/ china almost bought a category of pple to extinct as a result of such a racial hatred. 
  2. Nannayya shined the Telugu language; Gurajada apparao -a social reformer advocated uniformity in society; now if we destroy their icons whose works are independent of regions... where is the moment going? what is it conveying?
  3. If u see the statues in the light of regions... then would we see at Mahatma in the same light? So we dont allow icons of Sir Ardhur koton? here are countries who respect India and have our icons in their public we are telling this wrong?
Finally to JP: I think u need to be breef; having liked u so much many a times i felt u need to cut on examples and reach the point.. atleast when ur point was already conveyed in ur previous stmts.

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