Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arent we going Eccentric???

This was the google buzz that actually motivated me to write the post...

"Sachin Tendulkar 150*, becomes the first batsman in Test History to go past 150 for a record 20th time"

These days people all around have only one thing to talk.. cricket, cricket cricket... as if there are no more avagations in india. U should see then if its india  vs pakistan match.. they are like lizards on the TV screens. before i  prolong further let me hit the point.

The other day i was watching CWG games in which the women were exited for winning gold, broze, and silver medals for india (discus throw); badmenton was great the little kid had overthrown the australian... sania mirzaa... Hockey btw india and pakistan was superb... the way indians did passes and exploited the pakistans weakness... Each of them was taking trphy... and there are hardly audiance to cheer them up... In discus throw the poor woman when winning bronze was looking around... "guys this is an achievement please make some noise"

india plays cricket evry day... all 365 days our cricketers are busy with it... i see no wonder in his achievement... Dont u think we indians are behaving eccentric? 1000 years from now and i m sure we are still fans of cricket.

I remember the last time when the SPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA didnt pay (not couldnt pay) the hockey team their wages; finally herohonda and sahara pitched in and made the payment.. now with such a shitty environment ... its natural that they dont perform.. how horrible.. no body electronic/ print media pointed this out and didnt bring in pressure on govt.. common man... god knows him.. is busy watching cricket...

r u guys not tired of this game??? 20-20, t20, champions trophy, trinagular series, some cup... some other cup... i wonder why not yet!

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