Monday, October 11, 2010


Was reading about racism in australia and how their counrty is sacking the personell. How nice if we had a proper government/ education system enough to feed our own people... so that we dont need to touch the soil of other countries.


  1. Dont you think same applies inside Country? We cant stop anyone going to a better place for his own needs.

    Americans have started coming to India or China for developing skills or business.

    Animals are always tempted to go to a place where they think there is greener pasture.

  2. Very correct, inside country we cant/ shouldnt stop.

    To my understanding, Americans business here is more an exchange way... like they give in arms/ technology/ Uranium etc and in return force us to sign globalization treety, establishing the business here.

    I dont think we can apply animal instinct to humans, we are citizens and govt is bound to help us out, its not the case with animals.

    As i see things, pple go to australia for a better living/ nicer job; had it been the case that we have it here... they *may* not have left.

    Let me cite a context, *Metatrexate* a drug to control arthritis was invented by indian in London (some news few years back). If we had enough infrastructure/ things in place he would have done the same in india.