Monday, October 18, 2010

Commonwealth Games a hit, now punish graft

Nice moov.. but can we trust it?

Few years back Andhra was suffering with the shortage of food grains; the ACB (Anti corruption bereau) had un-covered huge godwn-s of rice stored illegally. Then what did the government do? simple, collected fine and left the thieves off. I fealt like, "its ok if u earned some money illegally as long as u give me a share of it!" WOW! what a logic! One more: I remember similar alligations around CBI during rajiv gandhi's case. Now how far will the truth come out and how accurately would the probing be done? or is it only a way to redistribute/ normalize the corrupted money earned during the event?Even if it happens truthfully then when will the case close? somebody will challenge it in highcourt and then in supremecourt and the case continues... continues... continuess.... for long long time... soooo long time .. nobody knows when it ends...  

The next moves by the center tells how much they value the money paid by the comman man to government in the form of taxes! It would also be interesting to see if they will comeup with a process in place to stop such things from repeating again.

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