Saturday, October 9, 2010

Whats up???

Today i tried a sweet -Gulabjamoon; generally we tryout it with Orkay but since few years its not available (i think the company is closed; but the sweet was really great with it) and so were trying out with MTR (so so.. not gud); yesterday i got the Aashirvaad brand and the jaamaoon tastes sooooooo gud... I just love it. So here they are...

The packet read 70% extra... completed the 50% of them...

Look at them... standing like solders.. 

But the motivation for all this came yesterday when the cafetaria served this sweet.. my mouth was watering... but bad luck... just had to see and remain tightly shut.... so thought why not try at home... btw did i tell that the pics are from my cell phone camera???

All roads lead to rome... all the above lead to my stomach...

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