Wednesday, October 6, 2010

india vs china

Lets put the patiotic feelings a side...

Today i was reading abt china before 1950 and after it. It grew from 5% GDP to 10%; the poverty came down from 64% to 36% and its more export oriented country. It has a strong management/ communist leadership in place which ensured this. Few days back i remember an article telling that india is far behind and will overtake china in 2015. The main argument cited for this is that by then the average age in india would be less than the china and hence the overtake. However my views are diffarent.

To the best of my understanding its the leadership/ management thats more important than the workforce/ the ability to do work by the low level pple. So i am not sure if this will really become a reality... atleast given the hisoty of the 2 nations and their strategic moves till now.

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