Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ayodhya again

How ever i think no body is giving any importance to this issue now. At first i could see flared up leaders of Muslim community challenging to question this issue in supreme court, however their statements raised no dust counrty wide; the local news channels themselves didnt mind ignoring this news. At first, either sides were too rigid to giveup their stand, slowly the pple of ayodhya both hindu/ muslims appealed them to shut the issue as its affecting their personal lives.... i was observing what would happen next; yesturday all 3 parties of Ayodhya case met for the first time and showed their content after the discussions. Today there was a news citing muslims are trying to see if they can hold their land or relocate to a new place... 

Slowly... the issue is seeing some solution and i am sure it will come to an end in couple of years with out the intervention of supremecourt. I wish court not to come in again!

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