Friday, October 1, 2010

Ayodhya: happy ending

I am happy with what has happened till now on ayodhya. Other wise would i get up so early in the morning to update my blog? Definitely not! Some things that i noticed since the judgement is out...
  • I follow NTV very closely. And recently i see the journalist being biased during the discussions. Yesterday he tried to raise a glitch in the judgement and one of the pple out there -Jayaprakash Narayan said "lets not do randhranveshana (lets not find holes in the verdict)", This is great. It sees like every body in india wanted piece and harmony. This was their primary point; "forget the verdict i want the nation to be calm" is what i could see (out of the little intelligence i have) inthe reactions
  • A Muslim came up to the TV and expressed his happiness towards the judgement. Atleast i didnt expect this from them. Out of my limited understanding and observation of the things aroudn, they generally dont come out this way and speak.
  • When interviewing the pple either side were happy of the verdict
Personally i think its not just the verdict there is more in this. The happy ending should be attributed to few more guys, in my view the most important of all and they are the pple  who finalized to carry the Ayodhya proceedings in a closed environment. Had this not been the case... i suppose every now and then the political parties would have raised this issue, the media would anyhow carry out discussions and keep it alive. So what? how did this help? Actually this helped pple to forget and give the issue the least importance. Say the court would have taken some side... lets suppose.. event then i guess things wouldnt have flared up at all .. even if political parties tried provoking the people.

Just take my previous post it self. At one time when calling up and talking to pple i felt ... "man i suppose i am the only fellow on the planet following this and eagerly waiting for it". My mother was sleeping and when asked said "daridram vadilipoyindi. Leka pote mana vallu malli kottuku chastaaru" (The worst has left us or else our pple would have again fought among themselves killing themselves. My father: s.. i heard of the judgement ... ok now tis the water time can u go in and get the utencils to fill. One of my friedn: "Ok re... something happened; now tell if infosys shares have raised or fallen because of this!"

After having seen all this i felt... weather the court had crossed his limits/ not finally piece prevailed and i think this is more important than anything else.

One glitch though out ... one of the political parties read few lines in between the judgement and said that they would appeal to supreme court with better lawyer and get the judgement amended. huh! but nothing to worry this would take some 200 years. so still happy.

What next?
There is this issue where pple are being divided on basis of their origin. Again by political parities. That party said: andhra pple are annexing the telangana. But believe me, i haven't seen such a thing happening through out my life; not even after they made this statement. I felt so bad for their narrow mindedness. I suppose the govt of India/ courts would get such a piecefull solution again. Looking forward for it to happen before any more lives are claimed... 

till then i say Adios

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