Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Recently my father had seen this movie of MaheshBabu - Atadu, Pokiri and started wondering why he missed them to see on screen. Every time he sees it he always tells us as why we didnt tell him theres such a gud movie released. He feels so bad. Recently a new movie Khaleja is on posters and everytime he sees it he tells us that he will not miss seeing it. On the other side i am not that enthu for movies as often i see them disappointing to me. However i m planning to see this movie: raktacfharita as it releases with in 1st week or else it will leave the city. Its directed by my fav director: Ram gopal verma. Couple of weeks back i had seen this movie Gaayam2 and was disappointed ; however later i learnt it was his assistant who directed it and not him and then i was happy!


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