Saturday, October 16, 2010

The boy in striped pizamas

Today morning i was watching this movie on start movies. The soldier -German has a kid who is taught by a private tutor. His lessons read "XXX are our enimies. XXX have destroyed our culture, nation. Where ever they go they ruin things. They are our enimies... " Wait a moment i remember something similar happening around in society here: *Telangana*. The words used in this moment were similar/ more or less the same!

Since the context has come up i think its fair to project the views of one of my favorite leaders: JP. He was comparing the movement with the things that happened in Germany during world war. I think he is quite correct. More over his points were "With Telangana as a state how much will a common man/ telangana person profit?". Thats a strong point! let me explain.

Out of 60 fellows in my class in BTech, only 3 of them are doing government job. Around 45 are in private sector and remaining in US/ UK/ Germany/ house wifes. So roughly 3/45 or 6.5% of the jobs is in governments control. Is the moment for control on this 6.5%? Say yes... then naturally Telangana will have a quota they will not have all jobs in full. Ok ok ok... lets take the recent advocates agitation itself.. what was the outcome? How-many/ what percentage of them got profited out of this? and that too at the cost of their professional dignity.

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