Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bhagawad geeta

A very interesting paragraph i came across this morning .. an eye opener to me.. atleast.

"The Law Minister had said that Geeta cannot be made religious book for India. He was giving a statement in Rajya Sabha on 19th Nov.2007to a question of 2 MPs. 

Firstly the Geeta never speaks about any religion as such. It is purely a code of conduct for human beings as to who one should live and behave in society up rightly. Secondly it was written time immemorial and before the coming up of any religion. Since Hindus were first Indians and there was no other religion hence it is alleged that it relates to Hindus only. It is absolutely wrong. 

The next point is when ever we say something we first keep in mind the so called opposition of Muslims and Christians. While applying test as to to so called Indian secularism we first see the appeasement of Muslims and Christians and ignore the due rights of Hindus. 

Geeta is most reverand book of code of conduct we must give it national status"

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